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Forthside Way
tel: 07513 742 211


At Gabes Diner we use only the freshest and finest local produce and add a touch of imagination and flair to give you that homemade experience with a creative twist. Our team of knowledgeable and well-travelled staff will bring you all the flavours and colours of the world combined with welcoming Scottish hospitality and good old-fashioned quality service. GUESS WHAT? At Gabes Diner we wont charge you the earth for wine or beer! In fact, we let you bring your own bottle! We are not licenced so you can bring the wine or beer you love at a price you like and simply pay for corkage. £3.50 per bottle of wine £1.00 per bottle of beer We are here to cater for your needs; with a lot of our dishes we can offer you a HEALTHY EATING option. Simply ask a member of our staff. Similarly, if you have any DIETARY NEEDS we are more than happy to alter our dishes to suit. Search for us on FACEBOOK and join our page to recieve special offers, competitions and get the first look every time our Specials menu changes!

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